Dr. Mark Binkley, Pharmacist

  • Dr. Mark Binkley , D.Ph., is a compounding pharmacist and chemist in Nashville , Tennessee. Since 1982, he has served the needs of his community by providing customized medications. Dr. Binkley obtained a B.A. in Biology from David Lipscomb University in Nashville, and his pharmacy degree from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama in 1976. Originally started as an apothecary style practice, Dr Binkley has evolved the focus of the practice to searching for solutions for individual healthcare problems. He was the recipient of the 1989 Pharmacist of the Year by the Professional Compounding Centers of America, based in Houston, Texas. He received the 1999 Innovative Practice Award from the Tennessee Pharmacist Association for the changes he had made within the pharmacy.
  • In 2004, the Health & Wellness Pharmacy made a significant jump from Green Hills to the medical community surrounding Baptist and Centennial Hospitals near Centennial Park. At their current location, they are surrounded by offices of medical practitioners whom they provide medications for their daily practice.
  • While medication compounding is the primary business of the pharmacy, Dr Binkley sees patients on an appointment schedule to answer specific health questions. Dr Binkley has unique training in evaluation of hormone imbalances, and has been counseling patients for over ten years on appropriate use of hormone therapy. Local physicians refer patients to him for evaluation and suggestions for changing their therapies to achieve optimal outcomes. In addition to these personal services, the pharmacy performs other personal services including medication reviews, bioimpedance analysis, and First Line Therapy services. Nutritional counseling and advice on nutritional supplements are also part of the services Health & Wellness Pharmacy specialize in. To complement the overall wellness concept, the pharmacy is implementing an immunization program to serve the needs of increasing immunization risks.
  • The overall goal of the Health & Wellness pharmacy team is to help each patient develop self help methods and education to start on an improved healthcare path. Dr Binkley wants each patient to begin to trust the chemistry within their bodies, and continue to support that chemistry and function with nutrients, exercise, and appropriate diet for optimal health.

Brennon Binkley, CFO and General Manager

Brennon Binkley oversees daily operations of the pharmacy and financial responsibilities.

Shantrelle Coleman, C.Ph.T

Shantrelle Coleman is responsible for patient and physician contacts and input of medication data and insurance billing.

Kendall Aldstadt, Receptionist

Kendall Aldstadt is our receptionist and front-end manager and is involved daily with package shipping and patient support.

Tabitha Taylor, C.Ph.T.

Tabitha Taylor is our primary non-sterile technician and selects bases and dosage forms for each medication needed.

Brooks Binkley, C.Ph.T.

Brooks Binkley is our Sterile technician and helps to maintain regulatory compliance with our Board of Pharmacy in Tennessee.